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Katrina Goodman, CBD

Katrina Goodman, CBD


Ksatrina Goodman lives in Woodstock, Ga with her husband and three girls.  She discovered her desire to work and supporting women in providing them with the birth experience they deserve shortly after the birth of her first daughter in 2013.  She, like many other expectant mothers, went through almost her entire first pregnancy doing what the doctor told her to do without asking many questions.  She was not aware of the many options that were available during the birth process.  She had the vision of what she wanted, but late in the pregnancy she discovered she was not on the same page as her provider.  So she sought a new provider and hired a doula!  While this first birth experience did end in a Cesarean, it was fulfilling nevertheless because it was with the knowledge that every possible avenue had been exhausted before being sure the cesarean was necessary.  She was surrounded by those that loved and supported her even in the operating room as she met her beautiful baby girl.


In 2016, she desired a different birth experience, did her research, and hired a Certified Nurse Midwife and doula for a Homebirth.  This was beautifully successful and she had another healthy 7lb 7oz baby girl at home.  Then in 2018 she repeated a similar experience with a Certified Practicing Midwife and doula.  She had a successful water birth at home and had another healthy 8lb 12oz baby girl.


She has been trained and certified by Childbirth International (CBI), holds a Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) certificate, and has years of birthing experience, including high-risk and VBAC, allowing her to better assist through better knowledge, training, and real world practices. She supported women while pregnant with her third baby girl and continues supporting currently.  Her desire is that women have the same experience she has had to walk through birth knowing that you are supported in the type of birth you want and in the knowledge that you are stronger than you know if you will push through and believe in your inner strength.

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