From not really wanting children to being a birth worker and not imagining life without these gifts from God!

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During my early years in life, I never imagined having children.  I was not the person who immediately went up to babies to cuddle or talk in baby voices. I was the one who would admire from a distance, thinking, “That is wonderful for them, but will never be me”.  But…after about 5 years after being happily married, my husband and I agreed we would at least try to have 1 child.   As you know from my previous blog, this was not an easy feat. When I finally become pregnant, I found myself really enjoying it.  Now the funny part is, when I finally gave birth, I didn’t quite know what to do with her! No one tells you about the postpartum phase or prepares you for what comes after.  No one tells you about the infant stage and challenges that come with it.  We first time mothers don’t know what is normal and what is not, how to deal with things that don’t ”fit the mold”.  We obsess over weight, feedings, number of dirty diapers, sleeping cycles, and the list goes on.  However, after having two more children my conclusion was “relax and enjoy”.  These sweet babies do the best in a relaxed and loving environment.  They can sense when mommy and daddy are stressed and will respond accordingly.

My advice on becoming a mother is to let your birth journey and choices you make be a reflection of who you are: managed or not managed labor, left to labor in seclusion or with many loved ones surrounding, medicated or non-medicated? This will be the most transforming moment of your life and will change your very being.  It will happen differently for every woman as we are all unique.  However, take a look at me! I changed from not ever really wanting children to having 3 children and being a birth worker!  I cannot imagine life without these angels.  Happy Birthing!!!!!

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